The Global Convoy ExBEERience

A screening of the Global Convoy's multi-award winning documentary PLUS you get enjoy the same drinks that the team enjoyed from around the world!

So what’s going on then:

As we made our way around the world, we bonded with countless people over good conversation and some good drinks!

We're now bringing that exbeerience to you! We've selected our favorite drinks we enjoyed ourselves - from all over the world - and will be doing a documentary screening where we serve these beers to you as we pass through each country in the documentary! There may be a couple of extra bonus surprises too!

The original Global Convoy was a 'Round The World' overland adventure which involved buying cars for under £150 and - totally clueless - setting off across the globe with the ridiculous goal of arriving back to the UK, but from the other side! Somehow we did it, made a documentary out of the footage we had and are now using it to encourage as many other people to jump off of the deep end of their comfort zone and dive into the madness the world has to offer!

Part documentary screening, part adventure travel social and part good excuse to meet some new friends for your next adventure... If you've ever seen the Global Convoy's antics and thought "That looks fun" then this event is where you should start!

Every film lover, traveller and stranger that joins us on this evening excursion will leave as a friend, full of liquid refreshment and new ideas for their own adventures.

(A little secret: £10 will probably get you a couple of drinks in a pub around Brighton... £10 can also get you 5 or more drinks if you use it to watch a certain travel documentary on the 21st of March!)


This is a ticketed event and strictly over 18s only. Tickets are £10.

To grab yourself some tickets and for more info click here.

Safe travels everyone!

-The GC Team