What to bring on a typical Global Convoy overlanding adventure


What to bring? – MAYhem Trip

So we have learnt a lot from our last trip about what to bring and really not what to bother with! Essentially there are so many variables between people; how long they are joining the trip and personal preferences. If you like your creature comforts then you will probably be packing more, but if you can live with the bare minimum then you will be looking at a lot lighter journey. Also to consider the space in the car you are in, make sure to check with the driver how much allowance you might have or if there are things you can pitch in for as a group or if you would prefer to do things separately, but where’s the fun in that!

Here is suggested personal check list of basic survival things you WILL NEED for yourself:

  • Sleeping bag (as were going in spring, make sure to get a decent bag as it could still be cold)

  • Tent or hammock (we recommend a pop up tent as they are cheap and easy to set up!)

  • Sleeping pad or roll mat

  • Plate/bowl/mug/knife/lighter/spoon/fork (any other eating utensils)

  • Personal cooker or jet boil (if you want hot water and hot food)

  • Water filtration system or tablets (get yourself a Water-to-Go with our discount code GLOBALCONVOY and then you will have clean drinking water for the trip!)

  • Battery pack (unless anyone is having some crazy ass rig in their car, it can be difficult to keep things charged on the road and when wild camping we don’t always have power, so very useful if you want to keep cameras and phones charged!)

  • Head lamp/torch (sometimes if we set up camp late it is a pain when you can’t see to put your tent up!!)

  • Passport/visas/bankcards/cash

  • 1x decent pair of boots/shoes

  • 1x rain jacket

Below are some ideas of what you might want to kit out your car with, as a group and pitch in so it’s cheaper. If you plan on group cooking etc then you might want to all pitch into cooking things etc, but it’s down to the individual to sort it out!

Things that you can arrange to share with your car team:

  • Tent/tarp/shelter the more the merrier 

  • Cooker/gas stove

  • Cooking utensils or equipment/pots/pans

  • Chairs

  • Odd useful bits like:  bin bags/toilet rolls/wet wipes (life savers)/duct tape/jerry can

Other things to consider if you have the space, the luxuries for the trip:

  • Speaker

  • Board games/games/entertainment 

  • Pillow/blanket

If you’ve got any more questions then give us a shout!
Safe travels everyone!

Max White