Bambaw - Bamboo Cutlery

We were lucky enough to have Bambaw as one of our sponsors for MAYhem 19. They provided us with bamboo cutlery sets for all our guests, which was so valuable to us whilst on the road for 7 weeks. They also sent us a couple of their bamboo razor blades to test when we were away.


We are always looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly and are conscious of our impact, so having these really helped us put a foot in the right direction, by not only helping ourselves but the 20 or so people that joined us.

The bamboo cutlery kits consist of a fork, spoon, knife straw and straw cleaner, all wrapped neatly in a bundle ready for use anywhere on the road. Having these meant that wherever we were we could have access to our own cutlery without having to use single use plastics or rely on other options. These well designed sets amake for a great piece of gear either on roads trips or backpacking as they are lightweight and have everything you need. 

As well as these great bits of gear we had the reusable razors made by Bambaw and these were excellent. When travelling it is easy to just pick up plastic disposable razors and not really think much of the impact, so we were excited to try these out as the blade are standard metal, which can be bought almost anywhere. When these need to be replaced you can simply recycle them and replace with a new one. They are simple and easy to use and a better option whilst travelling as it can save you money - the blades are very cheap and by re-using the handle you don’t need to keep buying throw away ones.


We would recommend investing in these items from Bambaw, especially if you are going on a long trip because not only are you doing your bit for the environment by cutting down on single use plastics, you are also investing in simple and effective gear.

To get yours follow this link:

If you’ve used Bambaw products before let us know your thoughts as well and if you have any questions please ask.

Safe travels!


Max White