It’s over…

This adventure has finished and is no longer available. We’ve included some links below so you can experience as much of the adventure as possible yourself, plus the ‘Finishing Stats’ we publish for all adventures!




Or head over to our YouTube to watch the entire series there:
MAYhem ‘19 Web Series

Below is how this page looked before the adventure so you can see exactly what people were signing up for:


Yep, it’s time!

The ideas and thoughts have been brewing for a while since the team got back from Estonia and have finally emerged as the new and (un)improved MAYhem ’19!

If you’re reading this and it’s all a bit new to you, check out the video below for a quick taster of what happened last year, then further down on this page you’ll find the recipe for this years glorious mess of an adventure.

The Global Convoy team was recently described as “The nucleus of a loose affiliation of thrill-seekers who’re willing to take you almost anywhere if you share their ‘no-pain no gain’ attitude.”
So if you’re willing to actually have an adventure and *GASP* not stay in a 5* hotel every night… Then you’re in the right place ;)

This was last year:


There you have it, over a month of genuinely awesome chaos rolled into less than 4 minutes.
Anyway, now that you have a good idea of what jumping in with the Convoy means for a month or so of semi-planned adventure, feast your eyes on what to expect in this masterpiece of planning!
Complete with spelling mistakes, optimism, a sprinkling of random adventure and the classic convoy recipe for good times!


MAYhem '19 LATEST.jpg

This is a real adventure. Things can go wrong, times can be tough and as with any overlanding journey there is the possibility of being injured or worse.
These risks and the rewards that come with them are what make such unorthodox adventures so fantastic, but do not mistake it for an all-inclusive package holiday.

And here’s a route map that took a good 10 minutes to make. We hope you appreciate the effort!

Route SEVERELY subject to change… as always ;)

Route SEVERELY subject to change… as always ;)

So are you in?

If any of this has got you excited, nervous or confused, then we’re doing our job.
Drop us an email or use this website’s contact form to let us know you’re keen and we’ll sort you out.

There ARE limited places and once they’re gone, they’re gone!
Current status:

Launch party + UK Convoy: FULL!
Mini-Mayhem 1: FULL!
Albanian Villa: FULL!
Mini-Mayhem 2: FULL!

Our inbox isn’t some corporate black hole where emails go to die. We actually read and respond to people so feel free to message us and talk to us like human beings!

Safe travels everyone!
-The GC Team